Supporting online mediation

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic and consequent lockdown of the UK, the Legal Aid Agency has responded quickly to support online mediation to safeguard family mediators.

Zoom has emerged as the most reliable form of online meeting collaboration, and as a result, the calendar system of Progress Mediation has been updated to support the entry of additional fields defining online meeting information.

Along with calendar view, the email reminder service and template fieldcodes have been modified to support the additional fields.

Calendar appointment fields

Three additional fields are available for entering the meeting URL, meeting ID, and password and these are stored in the database along with the date and time. The meeting location is associated with the location of the case – which will need to be set for online mediation in the Willingness Stage.

Auto email calendar reminders

Once enabled, calendar appointments are automatically sent out via the integrated email system to clients, where email addresses have been entered in the client / partner settings for a case.

New appointments are sent out at 20:10 the evening of the day on which they are created. If these are then update, then a reminder of the updated information will be sent out at 20:10 the evening of the day the appointment is updated.

The day before the appointment, another email reminder is sent out at 12:05 the day before the appointment – if there is enough of a notice period after the appointment has been created.

An Internet Calendar Sharing (ICS) file is automatically attached to the email, which can be added to the client’s calendar on receipt of the email to act as an additional reminder.

A new case activity is automatically created to show that an email reminder has been sent out to the client / partner.

Template fieldcodes

In the same way that fieldcodes can be used to insert case details into templates for letters or emails, these can be used to insert the details of online appointment for sending out to the client.

Three fieldcodes enable the online meeting information to be inserted into letter / email reminders.

Progress Mediation has been especially designed to help with case management for mediation. For more information about how we can help to support families through the difficult times later this year, please get in touch.