Online mediation – camera recommendation

If you’re a mediator just stepping out of the boat onto the water, wondering how to begin with online mediation, one of the first places to start is making sure you have the right equipment. It’s a bit like when you start a new hobby like running, and need to go down the shops (or Amazon if you’re in lockdown…) to buy the new running shoes, tops and shorts.

Yesterday we looked at the right platform to use – today, we turn to the visual aspects – the video camera.

There are plenty of choice on the market, including dedicated video conferencing bars, such as the Poly Studio X30, currently retailing for £1999.

For those who don’t use it for long periods of time, there are cheaper solutions. We recently tested the Logitech C930-E for a business which needed to occasionally make calls using Skype. This retails at £75 and for the money is incredibly good value.

It supports full HD 1080p/30fps Light Correction, Autofocus, 4X Zoom, Privacy Shade, Works with Skype Business, WebEx, Lync, Cisco, for PC/Mac/Laptop/Macbook/Chrome book. However we notice at the time of writing the blog that it’s currently out of stock at Amazon. Clearly a good choice!

The device was very straight forward to setup (plug ‘n’ play) and when linked to Skype even tracked face movement as we moved about in front of the camera.

All in all our rating was 9/10 for the camera, providing good value and excellent picture quality.

Tomorrow we’ll be looking at another aspect, the audio.