Simpler Government Security Classification System Introduced

In November 2013, the Legal Aid Agency announced a new simpler government security classification system would be introduced April 2014. The new system would replace the Government Protective Marking Scheme used by legal aid providers to mark all personal and sensitive data relating to work undertaken for LAA contracts.

From the 2nd April 2014, the current marking on the front of official forms ‘Protect – Personal Information’ will no longer be required.  The Justice website will eventually reflect the updated forms, removing wording removed. A phased approach will be adopted, leaving the changes to the discretion of services to remove the wording as and when it is convenient.

The example below shows the change applied to the CIV Means7 form :

preAprilSecurity postAprilSecurity








Forms have now been issued on the Justice website with the changes, however revision numbers remain the same.

CIV Means7 Version 8

CW5 Version 3

For more details on changes to security classification, go to the Justice website.