Helping assess client eligibility – new calculator goes ‘live’

On the 1st April, the MoJ launched a revised Civil eligibility calculator tool. It’s purpose was to help family mediators complete the complex means assessment, then integrate the results onto a CIVMeans7 form. What quickly became apparently was that the tool had an bug, preventing the results of the calculations being printed to a Means7 form. This has had two main knock-on effects:

  • Requiring additional time manually completing the form
  • Introduces the possibility of human errors migrating the data from screen to form

Progress integrated Means7 form with calculator

When Progress Mediation was launched nearly too years ago, it included an integrated Means7 form with eligibility calculator. We decided this was an essential feature with all the LASPO changes. Development began on the revised calculator in late February, hoping to launch on 1st April. However, due to a lack of technical information relating to the complex calculations, we decided to delay it’s release. The official guidance documentation was released by the MoJ in April, enabling us to validate calculations.

CIVMeans7 calculatorSince the calculation are critical to asssessing client eligbility for legal aid, the Beta version of the integrated calculator was launched in mid April. We asking a number of our family mediation service clients to evaluate the tool during assessments. This process has taken time to find sufficient complex cases to validate the calculations.

Following a meeting at the start of the month with one of our advisorary mediation services, we concluded that the calculator needed a modification to the SMOD calculations. After further testing, we have officially released the calculator this week to all clients.

So why go to all the trouble of re-inventing the wheel?

There are two main reasons for deciding to develop an integrated the Means7 calculator in addition to the online tool provided by the MoJ:

  1. Saving time and effort for family mediation services is an essential part of making mediation services profitable. The more we can help automate and simplify administrative tasks, the better.
  2. Often it is necessary to re-visit the CIVMean7 form with additional information provided by clients. Clearly this is not possible using the online eligibility calculator provided by the MoJ. Our calculator tool enables the financial information to be stored for client and partner on each case on the system. This then enables the information to be reloaded and edited in the future.

CIV Means7Our integrated Means7 form with calculator is now an essential part of Progress Mediation. We are passionate about reducing case administration by making our case management tools as efficient as possible.

To find out more details about the tool or case management system, please contact us.